Top 3 Reasons You Need an Arborist

Whether your Kelowna yard is full of mulberry and yellow cedars or your commercial business in the District on Bernard is decorated with red maples and columnar poplars, taking good care of trees is essential! A professional arborist will help your trees thrive and provide expert services for unhealthy or damaged trees. With over 25 years of experience providing tree services to Central Okanagan communities, here are our top 3 reasons to hire an arborist.

  1. Expert knowledge of specialized tree care

Different trees have different needs—many homeowners are unsure how to care for them. Keeping a tree healthy and vibrant isn’t just about making sure it gets enough water—it needs the right kind of fertilizer, soil conditions, and pest treatment plan. A professional arborist like Milan at Arbor Worx understands the different types of trees that grow well in Kelowna and how to care for them. He also knows the various pests that affect trees in our region—and how to get rid of them safely and effectively.

  1. Early detection and treatment of tree disease

Without specialized tree knowledge, many homeowners can’t recognize signs of disease in their trees. An experienced arborist can detect diseases like invasive fungus, leaf rust, and root rot—and prevent them from further damaging the trees or spreading to neighbouring trees. A professional arborist will also know which natural or chemical treatments are most effective—and safe!

  1. Arborists are certified and work safely

Some residential and commercial properties can have very large trees or smaller shrubs and hedges that need special equipment. From chainsaws and snippers to stump grinders and shears, tree maintenance can be dangerous and should be left to the professionals. Expert arborists have been trained and certified to ensure proper machinery handling. If you hire an arborist, they can also safely reach tall branches using spurless climbing and rigging.

arborist using a working wood chipper machine

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Since 2008, our team at Arbor Worx Tree Service has provided reliable, expert arborist tree services throughout the central Okanagan. We provide urban and rural tree maintenance and removal services, including dangerous tree removal, stump grinding, and spurless tree climbing. Contact us today!