How A Professional Tree Service Can Benefit Your Business

As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression—and as a business owner, the exterior of your property tells potential customers a lot. Messy, overgrown, and unhealthy exterior landscaping can cause people to take their business elsewhere. Hiring a reputable tree service like Arbor Worx can give your trees a fresh, vibrant look—and present your business at its best!
The following are the top benefits of a professional tree service:

Add Green Appeal

The “concrete jungle” has taken over Kelowna and reduced green spaces in many urban areas of the Central Okanagan. The addition of healthy, lush trees can make your business feel warm and welcoming to prospective clients. From trees that greet people at your front entrance to a courtyard with gorgeous landscaping and well-pruned trees, a tree service is an ideal way to make your business look its best.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Not everyone has a green thumb—so why not leave it to the professionals? A professional tree service can ensure that your trees are regularly trimmed and any unsafe limbs removed, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our arborists can also ensure that your trees stay healthy by identifying and treating pests and disease.

Risk Reduction

Overgrown trees, especially if they are diseased or damaged, can put your business at risk. Branches can break, trees can become uprooted, and this damage may even cause outages to nearby utilities, who might send you the bill! A quality tree service company can add you to their schedule for regular reviews of your property to ensure that trees are properly trimmed and any dead or damaged branches are removed.

Plan For Future Growth

Trees over time take root and flourish, and a decade later you might be surprised! A professional tree service can help you plan for the future when selecting and planting trees. We can recommend trees to highlight the best features of your property, and come onsite for annual pruning to make sure they don’t overhang on neighbouring properties. An arborist can also help you decide which trees will work best for your location’s specific climate.

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