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Residential & Commercial Tree Services
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Arbor Worx Tree Service offers professional arborist services from Lake Country to West Kelowna. After working for the City of Kelowna on tree management for 14 years, Milan Zikmund opened the doors of Arbor Worx Tree Service in 2008 to offer residential and commercial tree services to his community. His fleet includes a 60′ boom truck, chippers, and stump grinders. Armed with 25+ years of experience in urban forest development and spurless tree climbing, Milan and his crew deliver prompt on-site services to keep your trees healthy.

Spurless Tree Climbing

As a component of modern arboriculture, spurless tree climbing is the advanced technique of climbing trees using rope systems. Spurs have been used by fallers in the forest industry for years. In an urban setting, using spurs does not make sense unless the tree is slated for removal. Spurs dig into tree bark leaving wounds that are open to pests, disease and decay. The accepted industry standard for climbing trees for residential and commercial tree care, is climbing without spurs with the use of safety gear and rope systems. Once up in the canopy, Arbor Worx arborists can access any part of the tree including the tips of branches to make proper pruning cuts without damaging the tree according to the professional practice and standards set by the industry today.

Emergency Tree Services

We provide emergency services when wind storms and snow load risk causing damage to trees in close proximity to houses, vehicles and neighbouring healthy trees. Hazard assessments in the fall can help identify potential problems specific to your tree species. The Arbor Worx Tree Service team can evaluate and recommend risk mitigation in both urban and commercial environments. In the case of an emergency (even during the winter!) call for prompt hazardous tree/limb removal.

Emergency Tree Services

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