How to Know When a Tree Should Be Removed?

A variety of trees can be an attractive and natural way to add curb appeal to your property. But after a long winter, you may see a tree or limb that looks like it hasn’t survived! How does one know when a tree on your property should be removed by a professional arborist? Our team at Arbor Worx are happy to come onsite and look for the following:

Damaged Trees and Branches

Intense weather conditions like high winds, heavy snow, flooding, and even drought can all cause damage to your trees. Multiple broken branches, exposed roots, withered leaves, or cracked tree trunks are all signs that all or part of a tree should be removed.

Diseased Trees

Trees can also be damaged by diseases like powdery mildew, oak wilt, and blight. When trees become diseased, the infection spreads fast, and there is nothing left to do but remove them. Some people choose to wait until the tree dies, but a tree should be removed as soon as you notice the disease. Waiting too long can weaken tree structures—making them vulnerable to dangerous breakage.

Dead Trees

If a damaged or diseased tree isn’t removed, the tree will eventually die. Dead trees can be a hazard, with cracked or broken branches, hollowed-out centres, or severe cracks in the trunk. Intense weather conditions such as high winds can cause branches or the whole tree to come down —leading to potential damage to your (or your neighbour’s) property and possibly injuries.

Large Trees

Large trees in front of your house or large shade trees in your backyard can be hazardous if they are allowed to grow too big. Massive trees can extend into your neighbour’s property or grow too close to dangerous power lines. Large trees also have complex and deep root structures that can cause damage to underground natural gas and sewage lines.

If You’re Not Sure…

With over 25 years of experience providing commercial and residential tree services in the Central Okanagan region, give us a call. We will come on site and take a look, and provide a reasonable quote for services ranging from dangerous tree removal to tree pruning and stump grinding.