5 Tips For When Trees Grow Too Big

Large, unwieldy trees are a burden on anyone’s property and can create potential hazards for you and your neighbours. When trees grow too big, it can be tempting to lop the top off to make it smaller. However, topping can damage the tree and create an unpleasant and unnatural look. Arbor Worx understands the beauty that well-kept trees bring to your home and has created this list to help you maintain large trees on your property.
1. Strategic Pruning
The healthiest way to help a tree maintain a moderate size is to prune it strategically during its dormant season. Pruning trees while they are younger is also recommended because they are less prone to infection from sheared branches. Pruning strategically all over the tree gives it a much more balanced look than taking off a whole section or chopping off the top.
2. Regulate Growth
One of the most effective ways to keep trees from getting too large is to use a growth inhibitor (add to the soil). Although this doesn’t stop the tree from growing altogether, it does slow down its growth. This is also beneficial for top-heavy trees because the regulated development allows the tree’s trunk to grow stronger and stabilize the “crown” or upper branches. It also allows the roots more time to absorb nutrients from the soil, making for a healthier tree.
3. Prudent Planting
Before you plant trees on your property, particularly trees close to your home, it’s essential to take the time to understand the tree type, how it grows, and how big they tend to get. If you have a modest lot with a small backyard, it doesn’t make sense to plant a fir tree —a tree that grows very tall and develops immense root structures. We recommend that you also consider the amount of pruning and maintenance you want to do – before you plant. Some varieties of trees require more maintenance than others—which can lead to neglect and overgrowth without regular trimming.
4. Trim Sucker Roots
Sucker roots are a way for trees to grow more branches and often appear at the tree’s base. As part of your pruning process every year, cut off these sucker roots to prevent new branches from forming.
5. Remove The Tree
If a tree grows too big that it cannot be safely pruned, or if the root structure has grown too large and it might affect your sewer pipe underground, it may be time to have the tree removed. A professional arborist from Arbor Worx Tree Service can safely remove large trees from your property and ensure that powerlines and surrounding structures aren’t damaged during their removal.

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