Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Near Your House

One attractive feature of a home are the trees planted in the yard. In the front, they bring curb appeal, and in the back, they bring shade and birds in urban surroundings. However, we often see issues arise when young trees are planted too close to a house or other structure. These issues can be inconvenient, expensive, and dangerous.
The following are reasons to think carefully when planting a tree:

Build-up of Dead Foliage

If you’ve ever had to rake a yard full of leaves in the fall, you know that large trees near your home can shed many leaves at the end of the season. Those leaves don’t just get scattered around your yard —they make their way into eavestroughs, leading to increased cleaning, gutter maintenance, and even water damage to your home. Dead leaves and branches can also flow to the street and block street drains, leading to flooding and a visit from your municipality! We love trees at Arbor Worx and can advise on which species might work best for every situation.

Complex Root Structures

Large trees have complex and expansive root structures. Trees planted near your house can develop roots that cause damage to underground utilities, like sewer pipes and natural gas lines. Roots can even interfere with your home’s foundation—they can squeeze into thin cracks and continue to grow, leading to larger cracks and moisture issues if left untreated.

Dangerous Trees and Fallen Branches

Mature trees can have heavy branches that are difficult for the tree to support. These branches occasionally snap off in high winds or under a heavy snowfall and lead to major damage to your roof. If a tree grows large enough and becomes hazardous, it can also snap off and damage power lines, vehicles, your neighbour’s property, or even hurt bystanders who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. With an annual maintenance checkup, you can still enjoy the splendour of mature trees in your yard!

Call Us For Tree Advice

When planting a new tree, check the label to better understand its size when it is full grown. At Arbor Worx Tree Service, we are tree experts. With over 25 years of experience providing residential and commercial tree services in the Central Okanagan region, we can come onsite and recommend tree pruning or removal. Contact us today for an assessment, stump grinding, or any other tree service needs.