Prepare Trees on Your Property to Avoid Wildfire Risk

The Okanagan Valley is beautiful in summer—but with high temperatures, gusting winds, and endless sunshine comes an increased risk of wildfires. From large fires like the Okanagan Mountain Park Wildfire in 2003 to smaller brush fires that occur most summers, it’s important that you protect your property from the risk of wildfire damage. We recommend these tips to prepare for wildfire season:

Create Defensible Space

The biggest tip to protect your home during a wildfire is to create and area of “defensible space”. This is essentially a border around your home and property that is free from trees and other vegetation. The lack of combustible materials around your home will make it tough for the fire to jump onto your trees, grass, or house. Arbor Worx Tree Service can assess the area around your home and remove trees that are within the “boundary zone”—the area directly around your house structure and property.

Remove Dead Trees

Dead trees and other foliage should be removed by a professional tree service to ensure they don’t catch fire during wildfire season. Stumps from large trees often have an intricate root system underground that can also catch fire—causing it to spread to other nearby trees and property. We can give you a quote for Stump grinding that can completely remove old stumps and eliminate the risk of them catching fire.

Trim Large Branches

Large tree limbs are supporting smaller branches, which can become brittle and dry in the heat of summer. Before wildfire season, your trees should be professionally pruned and trimmed to get rid of the dead or damaged branches on your property. Large branches that overhang your roof or extend on to you neighbours’ property should also be trimmed back to create a larger defensible space around your home.
Burning wooden house at night

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