End of Summer Tree Maintenance Tips

With the Kelowna Scarecrow Festival just around the corner on September 25. and leaves all over the Okanagan Valley changing from green to gold, our team always thinks of autumn as the ideal time to prepare trees for the coming winter! At Arbor Worx Tree Service, we know what it takes to take care of your trees in any season.
Here are our top tips for maintain trees this fall!

Keep Trees Hydrated

After a long, hot summer, most trees and their surrounding soil are dry. To keep trees healthy through winter, it’s essential that they are well-watered before the first frost. In the last weeks of summer and into fall, urban trees should be watered once per week—with soil at the base saturated to least 12 inches deep. A professional arborist can guide you on the specific watering frequency of your trees.

Fertilize Surrounding Soil

Just like a bear needs nutrients during hibernation to wake up healthy in the spring, trees need nutrients to feed on over the winter. Adding fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium to the soil will help ensure that nutrients depleted over the winter are renewed. Fertilized soil also gives trees an immediate nutrient boost when temperatures start to warm up. Keeping trees healthy over winter will ensure they have a better start in the spring.

Prune Dead Branches

With dropping temperatures, trees begin to shed their leaves and needles. With drier conditions and depleted soil conditions, some larger limbs and smaller tree branches may not have made it through this past summer. To keep trees healthy over winter and into spring, any deadwood should be pruned away. A professional tree service company like Arbor Worx are happy to visit your property and assess your trees .. then provide a fast estimate for trimming back any dead material. Professional tree trimming also helps preserve healthy lateral branch buds—so they sprout again in the spring.

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For over 14 years, Arbor Worx Tree Service has provided the Kelowna area with expert, safe tree services. This fall, call us for any rural and urban tree maintenance services including tree trimming, dangerous tree removal, and wildfire prevention techniques.