Winter Tree Services in Kelowna

If you live in Kelowna BC, you might recall the harsh weather conditions we occasionally get during our winters. The cold and snow can cause serious damage to your trees if they aren’t properly taken care of. Here at Arbor Worx Tree Service, we know how important it is for you to have healthy trees during these months (and beyond). That’s why we offer professional tree maintenance at affordable prices with a wide range of services so everyone can enjoy their trees through any season, including winter.

Help With Safe Tree and Limb Removal

  • Branches that block sunlight from entering your home (or don’t let air circulate) can become a problem in winter, so they need to be removed at this time of year. These branches are probably too close to windows so can become a hazard if they break from snow load.
  • Trees may have more trapped dead leaves or other debris than normal during the winter months. If your property has lots of trees, this could mean you have an overabundance of dead foliage ready for removal.

Kelowna Winter Tree Services

Winter tree services are a great way to keep your trees healthy. Many times, people think that all the work on their trees can be done in the summer and don’t recognize how much damage can occur from ice storms and heavy snowfalls. When these storms hit, they carry with them heavy winds which can cause branches and entire trees to break or fall. If you have been thinking about winter tree services but aren’t sure where to start or who to call for help then you have come to the right place!
The Arbor Worx team has extensive experience in providing these types of services for both residential and commercial clients looking for assistance with large scale projects.
Tree pruning – We take great care when performing any type of tree pruning because we understand how important it is not only aesthetically but also structurally. Having your trees properly maintained by an expert like us makes sure they stay healthy while also giving them more room so they can grow taller without stress due to overcrowding/overgrowth issues. This means having better control over potential hazards such as falling branches during major storms.

We provide seasonal tree care services in Kelowna BC, including:

Winter Pruning

Pruning in the winter can be more dangerous than at other times of year. It’s important to be aware of this before you begin any pruning project. We always take the necessary precautions. Because of the safety issues involved, we recommend calling us to suggest an appropriate course of action for tree care.

In order to get the best tree service in Kelowna, contact us today. We have extensive experience in tree removal and pruning, and during this time of year we can provide you with a service that no other arborists can. Book now by calling (250) 575-0022.


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