Why Do We Do Spurless Climbing?

Tree maintenance is an essential part of their commercial and residential customer’s plans. When trees grow too large in urban areas, they can encroach on other people’s property, get tangled in power lines, or become vulnerable to breakage during storms and high winds. Keeping trees trimmed is the ideal way to keep them healthy, and how they are trimmed helps ensure they aren’t damaged in the process.
Arbor Worx Tree Service has over 25 years of experience in professional tree management. They advocate spurless climbing when they perform residential and commercial tree services, including tree shaping and dangerous tree removal.
Traditional tree trimming involves climbing the tree using large metal boot-spikes knowns as “spurs.” Those spurs allow someone to climb a tree quickly, but they also cause damage to the bark and inner layers of the trunk. Using spurs also limits you to climb only on the central trunk, preventing access to larger off-shoot branches.
At Arbor Worx, we believe that to preserve trees’ integrity and ensure they remain healthy after trimming, we must exclusively use a “spurless” method of climbing. Spurless climbing is the way to go – because it allows our arborist team to move fluidly up the tree trunk, safely access what we need, and not leave lasting damage.

How Does Spurless Climbing Work?

With spurless climbing, we wear a harness and uses a series of ropes (rigging) to ascend and descend the tree. The ropes allow the climbers to safely position themselves in the best place to ensure clean cuts and the safe removal of unwanted branches. This method can also be used to strategically cut down large trees that may pose a danger to the buildings or property around them.

Benefits of Spurless Climbing:

  • Prevents damage to the tree’s live bark layer
  • Allows arborists to safely climb and trim trees
  • Allows arborists to reach branches away from the main trunk
  • Allows for pruning and cutting of any size tree in any location

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