Tree Equipment Fun with Booms, Chippers, & Stump Grinders

Fall winds are blowing again, and your yard might need some tree chopping or topping help. Join us as we explore the wild world of arborists and their critical equipment.
Are you thinking of taking your axe to a natural Christmas tree farm in BC this December? It’s easy to forget how dangerous chopping trees really is. There’s a reason for the specialized equipment and extensive training of an arborist.

Tree Trimming is Critical

Going back to the basics, let’s consider why highly-skilled arborists are essential to our ecosystem. Tree health is about more than water and sunlight. Our team is busy all year round in the Okanagan because:
  • Regular tree trimming protects your property value & appearance
  • Falling tree limbs are a property injury hazard
  • Standing or fallen dead-wood is a significant fire risk

Experts Use the Right Tools

Here’s a list of an arborist’s specialized equipment:
Saws & Gear — Including specialty saws, pruners, and pole extenders. Using the right tool to cut promotes tree health.
Boom truck — BC has some of the largest trees in the world. Your arborist reaches tight spots and avoids environmental obstacles with an articulated boom and bucket.
Chipper — Chipping is eco-friendly and compacts waste for transportation and alternate uses. Chippers are efficient – they help us get the job done immediately. It’s the only way to go.
Stump Grinder — When the tree is down, the stump grinder gets fired up. Turning the tree’s base into organic chips, your yard is restored quickly in an ecologically friendly way.
Spurless Rope System — Professionals reach dead limbs and trim tops without damaging the living tree. Ropes and harnesses (no metal spurs digging into the tree) allow the arborist to scale the tree and use pulleys to pull down branches.

Clean Up Your Yard Overgrowth Today

It’s the perfect time of year to call our team in Kelowna for your yard’s beauty and your trees’ health. Protect your property and your family by calling in the experts with years of experience.