Tree Cutting Tips from a Property Rights Expert

Homeowners need to be informed about their rights regarding tree trimming and removal in Kelowna. These facts affect you, your neighbours, and municipal regulators. It’s critical to work with professionals who have accurate information regarding trimming, topping, and cutting.

Tree Maintenance is a Community Affair

Our team of tree trimming and removal experts at Kelowna’s Arbor Worx have some helpful advice if you are considering removing trees or branches:

With a decade and a half of Okanagan municipal government experience on the regulation side of things, Arbor Worx brings a wealth of industry and bylaw knowledge to play. Safety is always a big consideration, both for us as tree technicians as well as for property owners and city officials.

Know the Limits and Exercise Your Rights

You can cut with confidence if you understand your municipality’s bylaws. And you know your home, your property’s out-buildings, and your neighbours will be safe if you have a professional do the work.

The number one mistake homeowners make when considering occasional tree topping, trimming, or felling is to try to do it on their own. Every year, we hear of preventable hospitalizations and injuries. Home insurance policies might not cover what insurers consider negligent and ill-equipped activities.

Tree Experts Know What to Do

If you have utility lines or snowstorm tree damage, the removal of large limbs or trunks requires expert safety planning. Having the right equipment and knowing who to contact, to coordinate utility companies and local bylaw officers, is essential.

Everything from spurless tree climbing for minimum trunk damage to proper disposal of chipped organic materials involves environmental considerations that only a professional arborist with experience fully understands.

Tree Maintenance

Act Now and Avoid Emergencies During Winter

Call our local Kelowna arborists with in-depth knowledge of Okanagan regulatory and safety requirements. We always provide free site evaluations and pre-emptive tree limb trimming to ensure a worry-free winter.