Tips for Preventing Snow & Ice Damage to Your Trees

Don’t you love the first dusting of winter’s wonder? The snow lingers in the air and catches on the bare branches of the trees in your yard. Soon it’s a true winter wonderland in the Okanagan.
But, after accumulating and becoming heavy, what do our Western Canadian tree species really think about their extra load? What can you do to keep your property’s trees healthy whether their snow load is light or heavy this year?

Tree Trimming To Reduce Tree Risks

Before we consider what to do in the event of heavy snow on trees and bushes, let’s review the risks:
  • Excessive weight causing tree limbs to break
  • Falling limbs causing property damage or danger to people
  • Young trees and shrubs being stressed and overwhelmed
  • Trees falling due to trunk rot, dead limbs, or compromised root systems

3 Tips for Winter Tree Maintenance

#1 Prune Early & Accurately — when El Nina arrives in the Okanagan, pull out the skis and hit the runs, knowing your professional arborist has prepared your yard’s trees for the natural weight of winter
#2 Cover Vulnerable Plants — if you have young trees or bushes not native to Canadian cold, cover them up with a wrap, covering, or natural product to provide insulation against the cold and snow’s weight
#3 Get an Annual Check-up for Your Trees — living things need regular care from professionals who can tell when something’s wrong before the emergency happens; don’t wait for a dead branch to penetrate your roof or an aging evergreen to topple into the house

We Help Trees Be More Resilient

Canadian winters are beautiful and harsh. As your family makes the most of the fresh air and outdoor winter sports, your trees can be primed to thrive. With top-notch pruning and early removal of dead wood, your property can emerge from winter healthier than ever.
Call our team of tree experts at Arbor Worx for wise tree pruning, felling, stump removal, and property protection.