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Trees provide a great deal of beauty and quality of life to our communities. To keep your trees healthy, you need to invest in quality arborist services that can help you maintain your trees’ health and well-being. At Arbor Worx Tree Services, we take pride in providing comprehensive arborist services for home owners in Kelowna. Here’s an overview of the full list of services we offer.
Tree pruning is the most popular arborist service that we offer. We can remove dead, diseased, and broken branches as well as any limbs that are obstructing walkways or buildings. Our team will also make sure that all cuts are made correctly so that the tree will be able to heal properly and quickly. Our pruning will also ensure that the tree retains its shape and can grow healthily without any hindrance or interruption from heavy branches or foliage.

Tree Removal & Tree Replacement Services

When a tree is beyond repair, it sometimes has to be removed completely before it can cause further damage to your property or endanger those living nearby. At Arbor Worx Tree Services, we specialize in removing dead, diseased, and dying trees safely and efficiently while minimizing any potential damage to surrounding plants and structures. We also provide tree replacement services if desired; this includes helping you select a new species of tree, planting it correctly on your property, and helping you care for it to ensure its longevity on your property.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Services

Once a tree has been removed from a property, the remaining stump must be dealt with accordingly as well. This is where our stump grinding services come into play; by utilizing specialized machinery, we can grind down stumps into small pieces so they no longer take up space on your property or interfere with landscaping efforts. Alternatively, if desired we can also remove stumps entirely through our stump removal services so that no trace of the previous tree remains on your property at all.
At Arbor Worx Tree Services, we believe urban trees provide beauty and quality of life to our community—and that’s why we strive to provide comprehensive arborist services for home owners in Kelowna! Our full list of arborist services covers every aspect of urban forestry—from pruning and trimming trees to removing them entirely—so you can trust us to keep your trees healthy throughout all stages of their growth cycles. Contact us today for more information about how we can help maintain the health of your trees.
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