5 Tips for Pruning Before Dormant Season

Whether you have evergreens or leaves turning and falling, right now is a safe time to shape and tame your property’s trees. Trees go dormant once the cold weather comes. From our team at Arbor Worx to you:
Tip #1 – What to Prune
Pruning is essential for tree health. Pruning helps your trees to thrive. They grow more and healthier if you’re attentive to pruning annually and the fall is a good time for this.
When cutting, use sharp tools and remove branches with one cut. Work as close to the base of branches as you can and cut at a 45-degree angle. If branches have grown into contact with each other, prune at least one. Get rid of dead branches that can break and fall with a heavy snowfall.
Tip #2 – Fruit Trees are Special
Kelowna is the centre of Okanagan fruit tree nirvana. If you have fruit trees, whether backyard or orchard variety, you need advice on how to both trim and strengthen your trees. Pruning should be done only in the late winter or early spring. This should be paired with health analysis and a program of dormant spraying.
Tip #3 – Compost Your Trimmings
If you have fruit trees, put the clippings into your compost bin. It’s best to reduce clippings to 2.5cm minimum chip size, to ensure fungal organisms can do their work and break down this fibrous material. Once degraded, this soil can be spread around the trees. Natural mulch adds to the soil and promotes tree growth.
Tip #4 – Should You Paint Pruned Surfaces?
Our understanding of tree health has improved and we know that spreading a coating when you have pruned is not necessary. In fact, it can be harmful as it may encourage rot. Any weeping or sap that runs after you prune is simply a natural, organic, and healthy response from your tree and isn’t to be worried about!
Tip #5 – Other Times to Prune
Fall is a good time to prune, but late winter works. Some gardeners even prune when prime, summer growing season finishes, in order to redirect nutrients towards the remaining branches, leaves, blossoms, and fruit.
Do you have large trees, or many trees? It’s important that you tackle pruning knowing what municipal guidelines are in place. Here’s an interesting case from Surrey, BC.

Ask Us For Advice

The simple way to be sure you’re pruning properly is to hire an arborist. Read all the services we offer here! Reach out today to our local, Kelowna tree team at Arbor Worx Tree Service for a fall pruning appointment.