3 Reasons Not to Remove A Tree Yourself

As a homeowner, it can be tempting to remove trees from your property yourself. It can’t be that hard right? Even for smaller trees, an arborist should be used to reduce the risk to you, your home, and your property. Arbor Worx Tree Service understands the challenges that come with tree removal. Here are the reasons to call a trained professional for safe tree removal:

Geometry and Gravity

It may seem obvious, but when you cut a tree, it falls down. Unless you understand angles, geometry, mass, and gravity, you’re putting yourself at risk. Professional arborists examine the tree, its surroundings, and any buildings or utilities nearby—and calculate exactly where the tree will fall based on its size, weight, and angle of the cut. Their careful planning ensures your and their safety and protects your home investment!

Chainsaws and Other Equipment

Specific arborist equipment is needed to remove trees safely. Depending on the size of the tree, the branch and root structure, and the distance of the tree from other properties and powerlines, arborists may use tools including:
  • Industrial-sized chainsaws
  • Pole saws
  • Harnesses, ropes, and pulleys
  • Elevated platforms and cranes
  • Bobcats or other heavy machinery
Professional arborists must also be licensed and follow occupational health and safety guidelines. If you get injured while cutting a tree, it’s your responsibility.

Underground Utilities and Powerlines

The root structures of trees and bushes can become tangled around underground cables, gas pipes, or sewer lines. If you try to remove a tree trunk yourself, you risk major damage to the utilities under your property. (If you damage any utility equipment, you will likely be responsible for the damages and cost to repair them!) Professional arborists research the utilities running under your home and are experienced in removing roots carefully. They are also licensed and insured against damage that more tangled root systems can cause.

Avoid the risk: Call for an estimate

Since 2008, Arbor Worx Tree Service has proudly served the Central Okanagan region. With over 25 years of experience cutting down trees and removing dangerous tree limbs on commercial and residential properties, Arborist Milan Zikmund has built a reputation for reliable, reasonable services. You can also contact us today about tree pruning, stump grinding, and fire prevention services.